Maldives Honeymoon Packages

Crystal Sands Beach Resort Maafushi Island 33,999
3 Night/4 Days 03 Nights Deluxe Sea View Room
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Oblu Xperience Ailafushi 57,800
3 Night/4 Days 3 Nights In Beach Front Room
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Thulhagiri island resort & Spa 65,999
04 Nights | 05 Days 4 Nights in Beach Front Room
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Paradise island resort & spa Hotel 68,999
03 Nights / 04 Days 3 Night In Superior Beach Bungalow
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Sun Island Resort & Spa Hotel 78,999
3 Night/4 Days 3 Night In Superior Beach Bungalow
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Adaaran Club Rannalhi Maldives(4*) 85,999
03 Nights | 04 Days 2 Nights Standard Room + 01 Night Water Bungalow
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Holiday inn kandooma 85,999
04 Nights | 05 Days 3 Nights Beach Villa + 1 Night Over Water Villa
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Kuramathi island resort & Spa 95,999
03 Nights / 04 Days 2 Night Standard Room + 01 Night Water Bungalow
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Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa Request
3 Night/4 Days Deluxe Room
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Centara Ras Fushi Resort And Spa Request
03 Nights | 04 Days 2 Nights Beach Villa + 1 Night Over Water Villa
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Hideaway Beach Resort And Spa Request
03 Nights / 04 Days Sunset Beach Villa
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Amaya Kuda Rah Request
3 Night/4 Days 03 Nights Deluxe Sea View Room
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Dhigufaru Island Resort & Spa Request
3 Night/4 Days 03 Nights Deluxe Sea View Room
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Movenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives Request
3 Night/4 Days 03 Nights Deluxe Sea View Room
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Baglioni Resort Maldives Request
3 Night/4 Days 03 Nights Deluxe Sea View Room
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Maldives – Shooting In Sun, Sand, And Sea

Amazing weather, beautiful lagoons, boat tours, sunsets by the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving… if these activities are something you want in your next vacation, then wait no further and book your Maldives holiday packages today! Maldives provides an opportunity to live on an island. Maldives is an idyllic collection of more than a thousand islands. The landscapes of Maldives are known to be paradisiac.

Most of the time, you have beautiful beaches, lagoons, coral leaves, and human-made luxuries to explore, depending on which island you have landed to spend your vacations. If you like to explore and discover beautiful spots and hidden gems, you will love Maldives. The impression of vacationing in Maldives will leave you shooting and craving for quality time again and again.

Maldives is a tropical paradise known for its mesmerizing view at every corner, something one can’t understand until they are there in person. You must have seen photos of the Maldives depicting picture-perfect private villas suspended over striking blue waters, alabaster white sand beaches, spectacular sunsets dipping into the horizon, and lady love resting her head over the shoulder of her man. There is much more to explore and experience in Maldives vacation or honeymoon packages.

Located between the Arabian and Laccadive seas, roughly 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, the Maldives is about as isolated as you can get – and that’s just another one of its many allures. Maldives accommodates all travel needs and purposes of travelers of all kinds.

Whether you are looking for seclusion and adventures like exploring the depths of the sea on a scuba diving and snorkeling excursion or seeking relaxation or want to unwind at one of the island spas or seeking to delight the mind and the soul with underwater hotels to overwater bungalows, you have ample of options available to select from for your Maldives holidays.

However, planning Maldives holidays requires careful planning. The abundance of options, activities, and geography of the thousands plus island can be confusing if you are going to Maldives for the first time. You can look for professional travel and tour advisor to plan and book for Maldives vacations to save hassle, time, and money on good options available.

Maldives Travel Guide 2023

Unlike other holiday destinations, you land in Maldives’ capital city, Male, at Male Airport (Velana International Airport) and then transfer to an isolated island where you book accommodations.

Once you are in Maldives, you completely depend on your accommodation provider for the time you stay in Maldives and for all your needs, right from the local commute, dining, facilities, and other activities you plan to do on your Maldives Holidays or wish to be included in your Maldives honeymoon packages for a couple. Since Maldives vacation is a bit more expensive than other options available near India and other Asian countries, it’s important to know and understand all bits and bites for a pleasant experience and avoid last-minute surprises or hassles.

1. Things You Need To Know Before Travel To Maldives

2. How To Choose The Perfect Resort For Your Maldives Holiday

When it comes to planning and booking your Maldives holiday package or Maldives Honeymoon Package in 2023, the real hopping begins with finding the right place that accommodates all your requirements.

As the country is 90% water, the majority of activities and exploration are happening around The Sun, The Sea, and The Sand. So, how would you find the best place for lodging and accommodation? Or the better question to ask yourself would be what to consider before booking a perfect resort for Maldives Holiday.

The answer to the question is to consider these five tips before booking your Maldives honeymoon packages from India.

Tips 1: Decide Your Budget

In Maldives, you get budget, mid-range, and high-end accommodation options. Depending on your budget and desire to soak in the serenity, you can decide your budget and accordingly opt for the accommodation facilities provided. Maldives have ample options for accommodation. All you need to do is to decide what you want from your vacation.

Tips 2: Choose Your Island Carefully

Your experience in Maldives highly depends on Island you choose to stay on. Though the sea, sand, and villas look similar and familiar in pictures, these are not. Every island significantly differs from the others and accommodates different facilities and services.

Therefore, based on your requirements for fun and indulgence in your Maldives vacations, you must select the options available within the island and book your accommodation property accordingly.

Tips 3: Understand Your Room Category

Yet again, you need to decide the room category since different hotels or resorts offers a different level of services. Don’t be fascinated by the blue water of Maldives in the pictures available on the internet. You must enquire about the property you want to book and check all the inclusive and exclusive facilities listed to decide the best stay in Maldives.

Since Maldives is known to experience luxury, serenity, and shooting time, the best accommodations are provided to properties beholding accommodation options such as beachfront rooms, beach bungalows, water bungalows, water villas, and sunset beach villas.

Tips 4: Choose Your Meals Wisely

As mentioned earlier, in Maldives, you depend on your accommodation provider for all your needs during your stay in Maldives, you need to plan your meals wisely in advance.

Since you don’t get the option to eat outside your hotel on an island, you must enquire about the meals served in the selected resorts or hotels. Most often, breakfast and dinner are included in the package, but if you are someone strict with your diet and want to avoid costly lunches, you must book your breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your hotel.

Remember that Maldives is an Islamic country and doesn’t allow travelers to bring booze with them. Even if you carry it with you, it will be collected at the airport from you. Henceforth, if you are someone who doesn’t think a vacation without boozes, you must opt for an all-inclusive package.

Being conservative in their local culture, the country is liberal and serve all the needs their guest needs in their dream location. Since dining or parting outside your resort could put weight on your pockets, inquiring about your needs with the travel service provider or with resorts could save you time, effort, and money.

Tips 5: Choosing Your Transfer Through Speedboat Or Seaplane

To reach your dream Maldives destination from Maldives international airport, you will be transferred by speedboat or seaplane. Islands nearby Male are convenient to travel by seaboat as it takes 20-30 minutes. But the destinations much fas from male offers transfer through seaplane. Traveling by seaplane is an experience in itself. It takes off from the water and land in the water, which provides an exhilarating experience. Seaplane also simplifies accessibility from Male international airport. Moreover, you can book your accommodation with a property that provides transfer from and to the airport to the seaplane only to mark one of your adventure bucket lists completed.

3. How To Reach Maldives From India

If you are hesitant traveling Maldives from India, given their conservative culture, you don’t need to. Indian remains the largest tourist source market for Maldives for a couple of years. The best way to travel to Maldives is by air. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, etc., cities are the top destinations in India that can be selected to travel to Maldives from India via flight.

You can plan your vacation from either of the cities or book your Mumbai to Maldives honeymoon package. However, there are 2 airports available carrying international flights. Malè Airport on Male’ island and Gan Airport in Addu city are the international airports.

A number of top-flight service providers offer air travel between Maldives and India, such as British Airways, Air India, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, and others. Depending on layover time, it takes approximately 7 to 11 hours to reach Male Airport from Indian cities. Maldives also has domestic airports, such as Hanimaadhoo Airport, Kaadedhdhoo Airport, and Kadhdhoo Airport.

4. Visa To The Maldives

The majority of travelers don’t need a visa to enter the Maldives. You’ll get a stamp in your passport as you come through immigration, and there’s no charge for this. In order to enter the Maldives your passport must be valid for six months after you leave; you must have a hotel reservation; and you must have a ticket out of the Maldives. When you arrive in the Maldives, you’ll be given an entry form to fill out. Half of this will be taken by immigration on arrival. Please keep the other half safe because you’ll need it when you leave.

Why Is The Maldives The Perfect Place For A Honeymoon?

Maldives and honeymoon are rather synonymous. Maldives is one of the best tropical islands in the world. The main attraction in the Maldives is their tropical resort islands. These resorts feature a combination of natural attractions, fantastic accommodations, finger-licking food, unique underwater experiences, fun time, and complete solitude a couple needs to share the highest emotion and fulfill their urge to be with each other. Let’s explore the delights that make the Maldives the perfect place for a Honeymoon among new weds.

A. Picture Perfect And Romantic:

Every island in the Maldives is different, and most are breathtakingly beautiful. Fringed with soft white sand beaches, the island vacation offers couples to embrace living and vibrant coral reefs and a beautiful turquoise lagoon, making their honeymoon destination a perfect backdrop to be clicked and spend time with each other. Sunset excursions accompanied by romantic candle-lit dinners at the beach or your resort at the seaside make the Maldives the top choice among honeymooners.

B. Privacy and spacious island living

Maldives vacations are known for one island, one resort concept; hence a couple gets plenty of space and privacy during their stay. As you get your stay either beachside or overwater retreats, you experience an exclusive niche of gracious seclusion. To make your stay pleasant and memorable, the resorts and retreats serve you complete privacy yet an open private pool offering you a view to enjoy an all-around outdoor space. As your stay is secured with other registered guests on an island, Maldives preserves the exclusivity and tranquility you need on a honeymoon period.

C. Epicurean Delights:

Though it might seem less likely, but the culinary side of most resorts in the Maldives is diverse and exquisite. You can taste exotic island and international gourmet cuisine to satisfy your craving while basking in the sun, sand, and water. You don’t have to wander far to enjoy exquisite culinary experiences.

D. Wellness, Yoga & Spa:

How about experiencing wellness, yoga, and spa on a sandbank, in an overwater pavilion, or on your private villa deck? In your Maldives honeymoon package for 5 days, one of the inclusive services you can select is to book luxury spa treatments or scented wellness baths. Wellness and relaxation are a must after a tiring wedding on your honeymoon. Maldives resorts are dedicated to serving new-wed understanding of a couple’s requirements and ensuring treatment in a secluded and magical setting.

Therefore, if you have ever dreamed of a retreat-like spa treatment for you two during your stay and thought of enjoying a private and romantic three-course candlelit dinner on the deck of your villa. Perhaps after dinner, you may think of relaxing with a romantic bath with flower petals, scented oils, a bottle of champagne, and chocolates.? You must book a Maldives honeymoon package for 5 days from India. Most Maldives honeymoon packages are strategically designed for 5 days and 4 nights. Some resorts are also offering complimentary services just to spark your honeymoon period.

List of 15+ Best Maldives Honeymoon Packages from India

Maldives Tour Packages with PriceTypeDurationPrice
Crystal Sands Beach Resort Maafushi Island4-star03 Night/04 Days₹ 33,999
Oblu Xperience Ailafushi4-star03 Night/04 Days₹ 57,800
Thulhagiri island resort & Spa4-star04 Nights/05 Days₹ 65,999
Paradise island resort & spa Hotel5-star03 Night/04 Days₹ 68,999
Sun Island Resort & Spa Hotel5-star03 Night/04 Days₹ 78,999
Adaaran Club Rannalhi Maldives(4*)4-star03 Night/04 Days₹ 85,999
Holiday inn kandooma4-star04 Nights/05 Days₹ 85,999
Kuramathi island resort & Spa--03 Night/04 Days₹ 95,999
Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa03 Night/04 Days₹ On Request
Centara Ras Fushi Resort And Spa03 Night/04 Days₹ On Request
Hideaway Beach Resort And Spa03 Night/04 Days₹ On Request
Amaya Kuda Rah03 Night/04 Days₹ On Request
Dhigufaru Island Resort & Spa03 Night/04 Days₹ On Request
Movenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives03 Night/04 Days₹ On Request
Baglioni Resort Maldives03 Night/04 Days₹ On Request
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My wife and I had a memorable honeymoon experience put together in close contact with Sahil Bhasin from SHS Holidays Private Limited. We were able to book four nights and five days stay in a sunset water villa at the Residence Maldives, Dhigurah resort by Cenizaro hotels & resorts. We received prompt responses to all our queries and managed to secure an all-inclusive package during New Year’s Eve, which in general is a high-rush blackout sale period across all the resorts in the Maldives. We thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality and activities at our resort and would highly recommend SHS Holidays to be your dream trip planner.

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All I asked was a luxury trip and Sahil and Hemanth planned the itinerary according to how i want it. In Singapore we stayed in Parc Sovereign Tyrwhitt which is near to little india, a place where we got our vegetarian Indian food. In Maldives, we stayed in Centara Ras fushi spa and resort which was a very good choice as we felt emotional while leaving the place. We got lot of Vegetarian options there. We had an awesome experience and came back with lot of memories. Thanks to SHS holidays and to Sahil and Hemanth

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Booked our honeymoon trip to Maldives through SHS.
Trip was simply AWESOME. They are very good at providing options based on your budget, being a honeymoon couple we had a free upgrade to luxurious villa with private pool. I would like to thank agent Hemant who made it possible with no issues at all.

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Smart holiday shop helped me plan the best possible honeymoon trip! Special shout out to Hemant for all his help/suggestions/planning for this trip. From Paradise resort to Atlantis Dubai everything was top notch! Prices offered by Hemant were 30-40% less than all major tour operators like sotc, Cox etc. I highly recommend their services.

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Went for our honeymoon to Maldives and stayed at Paradise island resort and spa. Ultimate experience from start till theend. Credit goes to smart holiday shop for providing excellent service at affordable rates right from speed boat pick and drop facility up to having our Garden Villa upgraded to Superior Beach Bungalow, within the resort. Hassle free travel! Quick to respond!

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