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When To Go Maldives

Maldives always attracts honeymooners and families altogether to enjoy the best time of their romantic holidays or to let their families enjoy the time that they will hardly get anywhere else. Maldives is a paradise for honeymooners, adventure tour enthusiasts, water sports enthusiast and those who want to enjoy marine life at its best. If you are planning a holiday tour to this beautiful destination, you will have plenty of options. But, before starting your tour, it is better to know about the best time to visit Maldives or know about when to go to Maldives.

The best weather is between November and April; while the high season falls between December and March.

Monsoon runs from May to October that reaches to its best in the month of June. Rainy days are very slow as you will find resorts and hotels at very reasonable and discounted prices. But keep in mind that there is nothing to do on a rainy day except drink, work out of scuba diving and rest.

Maldives is best from December to April as you can enjoy warm, tropical weather and rainfall that is infrequent during these months. Sea life among the reefs is a bit plentiful; while room rates are high.

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