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When to Go Dubai

Dubai is the pride of modern tourism in world that has become a hub of tourism, business and modern lifestyle activities. People from all parts of the world fly all round the year either for leisure holidays or for business purpose. However, tourists who are on their honeymoon holidays or planning to celebrate holidays with family, often seek the best time to visit this beautiful and modern city-state.

As per weather conditions, Dubai is warm where temperature is around 45 degree Celsius in day time that may lower to 35 or lower in night.

You can plan a holiday to Dubai during shopping festivals that continues for the Month of January. It is also the best time when weather conditions are pleasant and in your favor to explore. You will get huge discounts on all top brands of footwear, clothing, electronics, jewelry and other items. You can walk on foot in different streets without worrying about hot weather conditions.

The best time to visit Dubai is during the winter season that starts in November and continues till April. Weather in the city is quite cool in comparison to other months. Daytime temperature stays approx 24 degree Celsius and may lower to 14 degree Celsius in night.

During winter month, you will see Dubai Global Village – a huge fair conducted in the winter season and showcasing art, crafts and cuisines from around the globe. It is also during these months that Dubai Miracle Garden is opened to display variety of vibrant flowers.

January to March is rainy season in Dubai when you will find a wit humid, but pleasant time. Beaches go full during this season.

Months from April to October are summer months when temperature level is high and humidity also reaches at its worst level. Tourists often avoid exploring this beautiful place during summer months.

New Year Celebration in the month of January is also enjoyed largely and you will see heavy influx of tourists. Hotels and malls often go full. Therefore, in the month of January, try to make advance booking to avoid any kind of hassles.