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Snorkelling in Maldives

Snorkelling is one of the most famous things to do in Maldives. With more than 2500 reefs, Maldives proves to be an ultimate destination for all the water babies and those love adventures, especially the underwater ones. Snorkelling in Maldives means that you get to explore the crystal - clear azure waters, variety of marine animals and the beautiful corals. Want to know where you should go for snorkelling in order to have the best experience? Don’t worry, you don’t have to do a lot of research for this, as we have already done the homework for you. Here are some of the best snorkelling places in Maldives. Continue reading to know more!

1. Banana Reef

Designed in the shape of a legit banana, the Banana reef is one of the most popular snorkelling places in Maldives. This is mainly because the reef is known to be a home to some of the most exquisite marine being species. The reef boasts of being a habitat for pretty corals, colourful fish species and diverse marine life. Some of the prominent fish species which are popularly find here include, Palette Surgeonfish, black snapper fish, bannerfish, giant squirrelfish, soldierfish, grub fish and a lot more. By opting to snorkel here, you get a golden chance of swimming with all of them. It’s truly a delightful experience. The best time to snorkel here is between late May and July.

2. Manta Point

If you are looking for an unusual snorkelling experience where along with bit of fun you also get a taste of some adrenaline rush, then Manta Point is the place for you. At this place, other than the colourful fishes and marine beings, you also get an underwater exposure to the huge yet innocent Mantra rays. If you want to observe these gentle beings and look them from up closely, then don’t get too scared of them and stay extremely calm. If you are lucky, then you may even get a golden opportunity wherein a ray might swim up to you to say, ‘Hello!’. The reef is also known by the name ‘Emas Thila’ and is about a kilometre long.

3. HP Reef

Also known by the name ‘Girifushi Thila’ in local Maldivian language, HP Reef is famed for being a proud home to some of the most brilliant and diverse variety of small reef fish. One can also find large pelagic species here as well. Some of them which are found here include tuna, barracudas, grey reef sharks and eagle rays. Another thing which makes HP reef, the perfect snorkelling spot is the plethora of soft corals in many vivid colours. Once you go underwater, you would definitely get speechless seeing the marine species and burst of colours. It is hence rightly also known as ‘Rainbow reef’.

Though you can do snorkelling in various other countries across the globe, but the kind of fun, excitement and thrill that you get to experience here in Maldives, is just exceptional.