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Singapore Map :

Singapore Map

In the recent years Singapore has turned into one of the most loved and preferred vacation spots by a number of travellers. Though it may be considered as one of the smallest countries throughout the world, but it surely knows how to keep its guests entertained, engaged and happily involved. Housing some pretty exciting places, scenic sightseeing destinations and a lot of amazing activities to try, Singapore is definitely a full powerhouse for a fun ride. If you are planning a vacation to Singapore and are curious as to how to explore the place, then we have an amazing option for you. Go by the older method and buy a map. It will really help you in the longer run. There are a number of maps available for different major areas of Singapore. Here are some of the most useful ones which will help you survive easily in Singapore. Continue reading!

1. Chinatown

A trip to Singapore is incomplete without visiting Chinatown. The Chinatown map allows you to witness all of the major places of interest, famous hotels, popular shopping centres and spiritual places that are present in the Chinatown area. MRT stations are also marked on the map to help tourists navigate easily through the place.

2. Little India

Another popular tourist hub in Singapore is Little India. It is literally a mini version of India, thus providing a home away from home to all the Indian travellers or the Indian natives staying in Singapore. With the help of this map, you can also spot the shopping centres, hotels as well as places of worship located around the Little India area. In order to better guide the tourists on the directions throughout the area, MRT stations are marked on the map.

3. Marina Bay

Housing some of the popular key landmarks of Singapore such as The Merlion, the Art Science Museum and the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay is another major tourist attraction area of Singapore. If you have the Marina Bay map with you, there is no need for you to worry more about finding the key attractions, popular shopping centres, good hotels, major places of interest or temples around the Marina Bay area. This is because the map has it all already marked on it.

Sentosa is one of the most popular and loved places in Singapore which is often frequently visited by most of the tourists. If you are worried about getting lost in this relatively new place, then buy this Sentosa map and get to know about all the important places of the Sentosa and Harbourfront are. It will also help you to navigate easily too. On the surface it may appear just like another shimmering collection of corporate buildings and high-rise apartments, but once you actually explore it, you will realise how wonderful Singapore actually is.