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Nightlife in Maldives

It is commonly known that Maldives is a predominantly Muslim country where the people believe in strictly adhering to their religious norms. Since, Islamic laws don’t allow an individual to consume alcohol, the nightlife of this island nation is not that popular. However, if you were planning a Maldives vacation are now just disappointed because of lack of good nightlife, then don’t be worried. Though Maldives is basically a Muslim country, but that does not mean that this island paradise does not house some cool pubs and bars.

To ensure that their tourists are not deprived of entertainment and a crazy nightlife, there are several top spots where you can relish the Maldivian nightlife to the best capacity. Continue reading to know about some of the best ones!.

1. Subsix

You might have partied a lot but have you ever attended an underwater party? If not, then this is the chance for you. At Subsix, Per Aquum, Niyama, you will get the happening and exciting life, 6 metre beneath the water. Partying here means, you get to see all shades of the colour blue as you slip underneath the ocean, taste the numerous delicacies and witness the shoal of eels swimming past you.

You also have the company of butterflyfish, damselfish and groupers as the mood lighting sets a party tone for the night. Dine and party hard here with your loved ones to have one crazy nightlife memory in Maldives.

2. Kurumba

This is a five - star resort, located on the Vihamanaafushi island in Maldives. Kurumba offers its guests a plethora of entertainment options for a crazy night out. Here, you get to dance on the beats of retro as well as latest music which is churned out by the reputed DJs. When here, you also get to enjoy the traditional Maldivian dance and music performance.

So, all you have to do is grab your favourite cocktail, watch the gorgeous sunset on their open beach bar, learn a thing or more about the exciting marine life, interact with the friendly staff and guests at the resort and last but not the least, party hard.

3. 15 Below

Are you a party person? Have you even experienced the underwater party experience? If yes, but Maldives has another exceptional experience for you. As the name of the place suggests, 15 Below is located 15 feet under the beach. It will allow you to have an underground party experience. There is a huge variety of over 93 vodkas and drinks available here.

You can also try their amazing glow in the dark cocktails. Other than their resident DJs, several international ones are also known to perform here. Grab a seat in their plush sofas and relish the taste of their delicious Japanese cuisine. They even have a sushi bar and an anime themed décor.

There are numerous amazing spots in the Maldives where you can get to spend a memorable night of fun, loud music and insane dancing.