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Nightlife in Bali

Bali is one heck of a place where you can experience the tranquillity of the sea during the day and sway in its trance during the night when the place is fully packed with people dancing carefreely on the tunes of loud beats. When in Bali, you get a taste of nightlife by going to places such as beach clubs, live music, underground clubs, and great dance floors.

So, if you are planning a Bali vacation and want to be a part of its extraordinary nightlife, then don’t worry because we have already picked some of the best ones for you. Continue reading to know more!

1. Night clubs

Bali is world famous for its exciting night life and equally so for its amazing range of night clubs and bars. The thing which makes them different from others is that they not only offer you pumping music, bass, great dance floors fully packed with people, and peppy beats but also late closing timings which in turn allow you to party till your heart’s content, even till sunrise.

The clubbing scene in Bali begins mostly around midnight and these night clubs features all the right glimpses of it in the form of perfect combination of sounds, signature tastes, surroundings and sights.

2. Beach Clubs

Want to be a part of the exciting Bali nightlife but don’t like the trippy atmosphere of a closed off nightclub? If yes, then the beach clubs are just perfect for you. They not only offer you the perfect party vibe but also feature stunning locations such overlooking the surf and Indian ocean.

Some come with Ibiza inspired party vibes while some sport a simple tropical Bali beach shack setup, but the fun metres in all places remain the same.

3. Rooftop bars

Being the latest trend in Bali, rooftop bars are in a lot of frenzy among the party lovers. They combine all the right ingredients for a happening and exciting night party including the gorgeous setting, good party vibes, innovative drinks and delicious snacks.

Moreover, if you are the kind of person whose night party idea includes a starlit sky and pleasant breezy setting with you leisurely sipping your favourite cocktail, then you must definitely give the trendy rooftop bars of Bali a try.

4. Live Music Venues

Not everyone’s idea of a party resonates drinking till the last drop in a trippy atmosphere. Some people like to party sober, while some like to party with loud and exciting music all around. If you are also someone like this, then its time you stop fitting in the crowd of usual deep bass, dubstep and dominant EDM trend.

Ditch all those over-rated party trends and instead consider heading to an exciting live music venue which features a fantastic fully lighted stage and mind-blowing performances with great local as well as international bands performing regularly.

Though Bali is an undoubtedly mesmerising place but another thing which makes Bali exceptionally special is its vivid nightlife.