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Maldives Travel Tips

Maldives, the beautiful coastal area and the county of more than 1000 islands and coral reefs is the most beautiful destination in the world for honeymoon and romantic holidays. The beautiful honeymoon destination has everything you need for romantic voyage and to enjoy the best time in a way like never before. Clear water, white sand beaches, palm trees, warm sunny days, great diving experience, world’s best resorts and spas, etc are some of the solid reasons to persuade you to plan a beautiful honeymoon trip to Maldives. The fact cannot be denied that people thing that a trip to Maldives is costly. But the fact is that Maldives is affordable and you can plan a trip from anywhere in India or worldwide. You can visit these countries on budget and still get to experience that picture perfect beach vacation you come here.

Getting There

Maldives is perfect place for honeymooners and couples looking for luxury island vacations. Reaching there is possible only through flights and sometimes through cruise. Male International Airport is the main place to reach that takes up the whole of Hulhule Island – lies like a mighty aircraft carrier. It is at the very short distance from Male. Regular flights are scheduled from different countries.


Transfer is possible through boat, plane and both. Sailing boats or Dhonis are available for the nearer resorts; while seaplanes take guest to the more distant ones and fixed wheel planes carry tourists to the give regional airports.

Getting Around

Rather than spending time in searching for the resorts, it is better to choose Maldives honeymoon packages that will take you to the best resorts. You can save more time to explore more destinations.

Some Tips to Know before Starting Your Tour

Before starting your trip to Maldives, it is important to note some important points that will help you in making your holidays wonderful.


Rufiyaa is the local currency that you can get from any currency exchange point at airport or anywhere else. Majority of resorts and restaurants accept cards and other modes of payment too.

Local Laws and Etiquette

You should know about the local laws and etiquette. Keep in mind that topless sunbathing is not permitted. If you are visiting inhabited islands, it is recommended to dress modestly. It is not about covering your head, but don’t show too much flesh.

Respect Local Culture and Traditions

On any inhabited island, you should respect local cultures and traditions. You should ask your tour guide about the local rituals before attending any event.

Hotel Transfer and Boat Transfer

Your tour package is the best option to keep you away from all kind of hassles that you may face in hotel transfer. For boat transfer, everything is not in your favor because weather conditions matter a lot.

Stay Connected

Before check-in ensure that you will get Wi-Fi connection or strong signal strength to stay connected with family and near and dear ones


Before starting your shopping, ask your tour guide about the best destinations to avoid any kind of extra expanses.