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Maldives Festivals

The beautiful archipelago of Maldives that consist of more than 1100 coral islands into 26 coral atolls in the Indian Ocean always draws attention of honeymooners, families and couples from across the world and persuade them to plan a trip to stay for more days here. Maldives has 200 inhabited islands, 80 islands with tourist resorts and a lot more to keep you stay blessed and enticed.

As far as culture and traditions at this beautiful country are concerned, it is all around Sunni Muslims; while the local culture is a blend of South-Indian, Sinhalese and Arab Influences. Majority of festivals are celebrated according to the culture and traditions followed by locals. Friday and Saturday are the weekend days when all schools, banks and other offices are closed. However, hotels, resorts, shopping stores and malls remain open.

People in Maldives prefer to celebrate their holidays and festivals in grand way. They prepare for it many days ago and then enjoy the days of festival. Most of the holidays revolve around and influenced by the Islamic Faith; while citizens are proud to enjoy them. Independence Day is magnificent time of the year enjoyed on all the islands halfway through the year with parades and festivals. Not to mention Ramadan another important festival held during the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar. Some of the grand celebrations and festivals are the following

The National Day

It is the first day of Rabee-Ul- Awwal that is held during the third month of the Islamic Calendar. It is organized in Feb-March. You will see parades and marches across the country.


It is the most preferred festival when Muslims fast during daylight hours and offices and government workers end the working days earlier. It is often organized in the month of August-September.

Independence Day

It is another important days on the calendar celebrated as the freedom of the Maldives from Britain back in 1965. You can see island filled with parades, performances, food and festival and a lot more. It is celebrated on 26th of July.

Republic Day

It is another important festival and an exciting event enjoyed throughout the country. November 11 is the day of republic day.

Prophet’s Birthday

Prophet’s Birthday is another grand event on the 12th Day of Rabee-Ul-Awwal that falls in the third month of the Islamic Calendar. Mosques in the capital and around the country are filled with worshippers and offices and shops close early.

Eid Festival

It another important festival held at the end of Ramadan. Various cultural programs and activities as well as food celebration is organized on this day.