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International Honeymoon Packages

Are you a wanderlust soul who loves to take risks and jump off from their comfort zone often? Are you someone who wishes to live a life with their backpack exploring new places every day? If your answer to the question is yes, then we perfectly understand the travel cravings. Those who are tired of just exploring their home land and want to go and search the secrets of some new country or city, we have prepared just the right gift for you. If you are of the mindset of travelling to some international destinations then depending upon your reason you would have spent a lot of time online surfing about nice places to visit or the best honeymoon destinations international.

We know how difficult it actually becomes to finally choose one out of so many amazing destinations. But now, you don’t have to stress yourself over choosing the best destination, because we have prepared a list of some of the best international cities which not only assure you a wonderful vacation but also a feast for your eyes with their mesmerising natural beauty. Continue reading to know more about them!

Most Famous Tourist Destinations

International Best Honeymoon Destinations in Budget Outside India

1. Paris, France There would not be any person who has not dream of going to Paris either on a solo trip or on a honeymoon at least once in their life and this is the reason why it is also known as the city of love. Be it the beauty of the place, its vibrant and colourful vibes, tasty food or its rich history, Paris is in every way a dream destination spot. Owing up to its hype, living in Paris is truly like being in a real-life romantic movie. No matter whether you go with your special someone, with friends, family or on a solo trip, when in Paris make sure to buy tasty food and go for a small picnic or stroll in a park to enjoy the true essence of Paris. Those going with their partner, must book one of the International honeymoon packages from India soon because the city is always packed with tourists from all over the globe.

What can be more exciting and amazing than planning a foreign trip – either for honeymoon, with a group of like-minded people, as a solo traveler or with family? For this, the first and basic thing to note and to get is selection of the right international tour packages that are provided by top tour planners and travel agencies. ...

Explore through Bangkok ( Thailand )Tour Packages

People have always had mixed reviews about what kind of place Bangkok actually is. You may have seen people who are insanely in love with the place while you also may have heard some people complaining that Bangkok is a very dirty and filthy place, packed with pollution and has traffic jams to a level which is nothing short of a nightmare. Despite all these complaints that Bangkok is a stinking town, but once you actually visit it, look at it unbiasedly and accept the place for what it is, you will definitely fell in love with its flaws as well. Be it the delicious food or the exciting nightlife, Bangkok is a master in both. Moreover, it also one of the world’s cheapest cities.

Things to Know Before Travel to Singapore

If you are planning a family vacation, then Singapore is going to be an amazing vacation destination. Whether you wish to dine in some world-class restaurant, witness one of the world’s most stunning skylines, go on a crazy shopping spree or explore the numerous exciting sightseeing attractions, you can do almost everything and anything when in Singapore. Though, you may hear from people that the place is quite expensive and humid, but the fact that it is completely safe and packed with numerous fun activities covers up its flaws. Once you actually visit the place, you will realise that we are not at all exaggerating and this place is actually a complete package for fun in every sense. Book one of the family holiday packages international for Singapore as it is surely worth a visit!

Dubai Holiday Deals

Dubai is a pure treasure awaiting you in the world overseas. This is an evergreen shining gem of a place of the middle east area which is generously blessed with a number of grand and magnificent malls, exciting amusement parks and serene beaches. The overall glamour of Dubai proves to be the perfect touch which makes you international vacation a complete success. The major attractions include Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach, Palm Islands and The Dubai Mall. Also go for the amazing Desert Safari tour. Moreover, since Dubai houses a significant amount of Indian population, you will not go through much of a communication gap and would see familiar faces overseas as well.

Places to Visit in Hong Kong Macau

If you wish to get a taste of the ultimate experience of genuine fun and frolic, Hong Kong with its numerous gorgeous cruises, informative museums, exciting amusement parks and grand shopping arcades, is the ideal place for you to go to. One of the reasons why visiting Hong Kong is one of the best decisions you can make in terms of foreign travel is that the place has a pleasant weather and a number of attractive sightseeing attractions as well as exciting activities for you to try your hand at. Some of the must visit places among the many attractions are like Disneyland, Star Cruise, Victoria Peak and Ocean Park.

Paces to Visit in Malaysia in 3 Days

If your idea of overseas vacation includes pristine islands, stunning beaches, natural beauty and luxurious resorts, then Malaysia is the best place for you to go during Diwali holidays. Be it the charm of Kuala Lumpur or the beauty of Langkawi, your international vacation is surely going to be a fun filled one. Other than the general sightseeing of the famous Twin towers, Genting Highlands and Batu Cabes, you can also indulge in some adventure sports and go for a trek in the lush rainforests. For witnessing the best views of the gorgeous city, climb up to the top of the Petronas Twin towers. Relaxing on the beach and visiting a casino are some other leisure activities.

Now get rid of those shortlisted places which you searched earlier, choose one of the amazing destinations from our list and book one of the tour packages international soon.

What are the best places around the world for a honeymoon?

After marriage, honeymoon is the first and only opportunity where you can truly understand your partner, spend some quality time and closely interact with them. Therefore, for laying the foundation stone of a happy marriage in future it is quite important that you have a wonderful honeymoon. For this ultimately, you need to do a lot of efforts and arrange for the best honeymoon destination too. Different people have varying perceptions about their honeymoon destination. Some wish to go to a place which is covered with a blanket of fine sand and crashing waves on the shore, while some wish to be at a place surrounded by a natural beauty and green canopies. If you are also looking for a destination for your honeymoon, then we have already done the legwork for you by shortlisting some of the best honeymoon destinations from all over the world. Continue reading!

1. Maldives Being a home to a number of gorgeous islands, Maldives is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Go witness the colourful reefs and stay at your own water villa which comes along with a deck that will open up to stunning views of clear blue waters. Its romantic weather, water attractions and friendly people will make your honeymoon a memorable time.

2. Paris Whether you decide to spend your days walking hand in hand in the beautiful green parks, sipping your favourite wine at a gorgeous café, admiring the mesmerising Eiffel Tower or going for a stroll in the cobbled streets of the city, when in Paris everything is purely and truly romantic. For a dream honeymoon, there is no better place than Paris- the epitome of romance.

3. Ubud, Bali Bali is often referred as one of the most romantic and affordable places around the world. So, it is in the top preference for honeymoon destinations among especially the newlyweds. This secluded town, located amidst the peace and natural greenery of jungles, is perfect for beginning your marital life and for spending some quality time away from the chaos of daily life.

4. North Island, Seychelles Sporting lush greenery, serene beaches, crystal – clear water, swaying coconut palms and stunning views, there is actually no surprise in the fact that why Seychelles is popularly known as the ‘island of love’. This place is also a preferred honeymoon destination among the top celebrities as well.

If you go searching for honeymoon destinations online, then you will come across hundreds of amazing places but you have to choose the one which suite your as well as your partner’s requirements the best. We wish you a happy and memorable honeymoon time ahead!

What are the best tips to choose travel destination?

If you are you a true traveller by heart, then probably you would have heard from people about how you are always searching for new travel destinations. Obviously, they don’t understand the kind of stress, research and pressure that goes behind choosing the right vacation destination. But now you don’t have to spend every bit of free time on searching your travel destination because we have brought for you some amazing tips which will help you filter out the best travel destinations which will your requirement criteria and that too with quite ease. Continue reading!

Tip 1: What’s the reason for your vacation?

There can be many reasons for going on a vacation which can range from wanting a break from daily life to celebrating a special occasion to have an adventure to overcome a breakup to spend time with your special someone to anything else. If you are a traveller, you will take every small excuse as a reason for your next vacation. So, before jumping on to the question where you are going, be sure of why you are going there as doing this will make the process a lot easier.

Tip 2: What is your budget?

We know that travel love does not think of other factors, but in order to achieve this love, you surely need to spend in some of your precious money. Therefore, it is very important that before you start looking out for travel spots, you have a fair idea about your travel budget. Knowing your budget will definitely reduce down the number of places to a large extent. For instance, you will know that whether you are in for an overseas travel or somewhere close to homeland and which kind of a hotel you’ll be staying in and soon.

Tip 3: Decide your choices between risk and safe choices!

Are you a risk taker who wishes to explore new places or someone who likes to enjoy their comfort zone by going for safer choices? No matter whether you belong to the first group or the latter one, none of the choices are bad but you need to be really sure of what kind of place are you willing to go. Whether you wish to go a place you have never much heard of or spend a relaxing weekend in the environment of a well-known vacation spot? Decide on this first and then jump to searching the travel destinations according to it.

If you are a wanderlust soul, then you would just want to go everywhere, which makes destination hunting it even more difficult for you. We hope our tips would help you!

What is the best place to visit in summer?

With the onset of summer season, one thing everyone is looking is for a getaway destination where they can go to escape the scorching heat and high chaos of the daily life. Though it may appear as an exciting and a wonderful idea, but the problem starts beginning when you start searching for the best vacation destination. We all wish to go to the best place and hence whichever place you search for appears to lack something or the other according to you. However, now you no longer need to stress yourself over for the ideal vacation destination because we have already done the homework for you by shortlisting some of the best ones for you. Wait no more and continue reading to know how to handle this summer season.

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

A quaint little town nestled between the Swiss Alps; Zermatt is a popular mountain resort which is nothing short of a white paradise. Located at a height of around 1600 metres, when here you can in indulge in some adventure activities like mountain climbing, hiking and skiing as well. Lying in the foothills of the mighty Matterhorn peak of Switzerland, this is surely one of the best summer holiday destination.

2. Seychelles

Set in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is also known as a flawless beach paradise. A mesmerising archipelago of around 115 islands, a vacation at Seychelles comprises of stunning coastline, shimmering crystal blue waters, smooth white sandy beaches, palm lined shores and gorgeous sunset views. Snorkelling, hiking and walks to nature reserves are some of the bonuses of visiting Seychelles.

3. Bali, Indonesia

A perfect blend of spiritual temples, adventurous volcanoes, serene beaches, mighty mountain peeks and colourful reefs, a vacation to Bali is an ideal recipe for spending some fun filled time. When here, you will never get short in terms of stunning sunset views. The crazy nightlife experience, the insane shopping spree and its peaceful yoga treats add on brownie points to the already amazing destination of Bali.

4. Mauritius

This tropical gem is an almost perfect choice for a watery retreat. Known all over the world for its colourful reefs, crystal clear lagoons and exotic beaches, Mauritius will seriously help you in beating the summer heat of your homeland. Moreover, the place is blessed with a cool climate even in the summer season which makes it all the more appealing. Other than a variety of water sports, you can also indulge in some hiking. Make sure to try undersea walking here too.

This summer season, beat the heat in style by going on a getaway vacation. We wish you a cool and memorable vacation!

Where is the cheapest country to visit?

For those people who truly love travelling, it is almost a fascination to explore one place or the other very frequently. However, in order to accomplish this dream, they often have to go through a lot of calculation and several budget planning sprees as well. We understand that without enough finances, travelling is almost not possible but if we tell you that you can have a vacation with these funds, though not exactly a lavish vacation but one normalised one. You can easily travel to a foreign country with limited funds as well but it depends on the country you choose to visit. However, you don’t need to go through the headache of searching them because we have already done the homework for you. We have brought to you some of the cheapest countries which you can visit from India.

1. Thailand

This is not only one of the most gorgeous country but is also quite a budget friendly place to visit. The reason which makes Thailand special is that it offers its guests a diverse range of activities starting from clubbing into happening night clubs, diving into turquoise waters, relishing the tasty street food, shopping in the vibrant buzzy markets, witnessing the stunning night skyline and ending up by relaxing at Thailand’s authentic spas to ease out all stress. What can be better than enjoying all this and that too at a reasonable price?

2. Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is really a treasure hidden away in the world. Being a home to a variety of exciting places ranging from mesmerising Halong Bay, exotic islands, lush green forests, naturally gorgeous paddy farms, peaceful religious places to largest cave of Asia as well as the mighty and evergreen beautiful Marble mountains, there is hardly any boring time when in Vietnam. Enjoy the beauty of these amazing places and exciting activities without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Malaysia

If you are looking forward to holidaying at a place blessed with natural beauty, then Malaysia with its lush green tropical rainforest, mighty mountain ranges, beautiful forested hills and gorgeous coastal plains is a must visit place for you. Moreover, the dishes served here being a unique blend of Indian, Malay and Thai cuisines are truly exotic as well. The best part about visiting Malaysia is that you get to enjoy all that natural beauty with a price which is equally satisfying and reasonable as well.

Now that you know about these places, so even if you are seriously in no position to afford a lavish vacation due to limited budget funds, you no longer need to drop off your dream of travelling.

Which countries provide visa on arrival, or visa-free entry, for Indians?

For all the travel lovers, if there is anything that comes between them and their travel love, is the never - ending hassle of visa and other documents. It is because of all these formalities and vicious circle of planning, that most of the vacation plans have to end before even starting properly. However, it is a thing of past that you had to go through dreadful time where in you had to wait in long queues, collect a sea of documents, go through the set of unending questions and then wait painfully for that precious visa paper because now fortunately, there are a number of countries which are offering travellers visa on arrival (VOA) to Indians. Continue reading to know some of these amazing countries. Please remember, that visa requirements for every country keeps on changing with time, so before booking your tickets make sure to check all the passport as well as visa requirements carefully.

1. Maldives

Maldives is the best for having a fascinating experience of the underwater life, beach life as well as to try the exciting water sports. All the Indians who are going on a trip to Maldives are offered a visa on arrival for maximum of 30 days. However, they must surely carry the return or onward flight tickets including the Visa for their next destination along with their 2 photographs as well as a proof of accommodation.

2. Thailand

Known for its shimmering temples as well as Bangkok’s crazy nightlife, Thailand is one amazing vacation destination. If you are an Indian and travelling to Thailand, then you can easily get a visa on arrival that too for just US$35. However, you must ensure that your stay is not more than 15-30 days and that you carry a return or onward flight ticket along with a minimum amount of around US$ 315.06 per person and US$ 630.06 per family during stay.

3. Mauritius

Mauritius is considered as one of the most loved country mainly because of its natural beauty and laid- back vibe. All the Indians who are travelling to Mauritius for a vacation can get a visa on arrival which will allow them a stay for a maximum of 60 days. However, they must have a confirmed accommodation booking in the country, a confirmed return flight ticket booking, a sponsorship letter as well as enough funds for their stay which come around USD 100 per day.

Thanks to these countries, you no longer have go through the daunting experience of getting a visa. Just pack your bags, book your tickets and head towards your dream vacation to any of these countries.

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