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Food in Maldives

Maldives, where luxury meets the natural beauty, is also famous for something more than atolls, coral islands and natural beauty all around. Seafood and a variety of other cuisines are sure to let you forget your home kitchen taste for some time. There are plenty of resorts and food points in different atolls and in Male – the capital city. These resorts are self contained so they have restaurants that serve the type of cuisines expected by their guests. You can choose local dishes, modern European or generic Asian cuisines or choose something from the local street food lovers. A majority of resorts offer half-board that include dinner buffet and full board that include lunch and dinner. It is counted as far better than A La Carte. All inclusive is another option that includes everything you need.

As far as the best restaurants in Maldives are concerned, they are mainly in Male – that are aimed both tourists and the increasingly moneyed Maldives elite class. Greater Male has various options too. Small islands have single café or restaurant too that are selling local Maldivian food at low prices.

Maldives Cuisines

There are various multi-cuisine foods in Maldives to enjoy during your honeymoon or any kind of other holidays. Masroshi Pastries, Mas Riha Fish Curry, Papadhu, Grilled Fish, Rice and Sweet Black Tea are common to find anywhere easily.

Food in Maldives often revolves around fish that is called as Mas – mainly Tuna. Majority of dishes are originated from Sri Lanka and South Indian tradition – mainly from Kerala. Hot, spicy and coconut flavoured dishes are common here. Use of vegetables is limited. You can see traditional meal that includes rice, a clear fish broth called Garudhiya and side dishes of time along with Chilli and onions. Riha or curries are very popular; while rice is supplemented with Roshi – unleavened bread akin to Indian Roti. There are various common dishes that you will enjoy during your holidays and tours in Maldives that include:

Mas Huni - It is shredded smoked fish with grated coconuts and onions. It is also the most common Maldivian breakfast.

Fihunu Mas – it is barbequed fish basted with chilli.

There are various snacks or Hedhikaa invariably fish based and deep fried that can be found in any restaurant in Maldives. Some of the popular and common snacks include:

  • Bajiya – It is a pastry stuffed with fish, onions and coconut
  • Gulha – it is a pastry ball stuffed with smoked fish
  • Keemia – a deep-fried fish rolls
  • Masroshi – it is wrapped in bread and baked

There are various other snacks and local dishes that you will get in a restaurant here. Drinking alcohol is legally banned and prohibited for locals. However, tourists who are not Muslims and above 18 years of age can buy and drink alcohol legally. All resorts and liveboard boats are licensed to serve alcohol – usually with a steep markup.