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Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the cosmopolitan area with lots of attractions and modern lifestyle, has something for tourists from all walks of life. These attractions always draw attention of tourists from across the world and persuade them to plan a happy trip again. Apart from main attraction, Hong Kong is also known for some wonderful and multi-cuisine food options. There is no denying the fact that cuisine plays a pivotal role in many people live in Hong Kong that is the showcase of Chinese cuisines with huge regional varieties. Not to mention the availability of excellent Asian and Western choices. Western Food is often adapted to local tastes; while Hong Kong is a good place for homesick travelers who have had enough of Chinese food.

If you don’t want to enjoy dining in your package, you can search for the top restaurants in the city by using Open Rice and Michelin Guide to Hong Kong – a great directly with details of local restaurants. You will get details of eating places and style restaurants; while you will get a chance to experience good and local food. You can see a good crowd during peak hours outside any local restaurant. There are several world-class restaurants at different locations in Hong Kong serving a variety of dishes.

Some of the special varieties of food that you will enjoy in Hong Kong include:

Siu Mei

It is a roast meat – made in Hong Kong style that includes roast pork belly – roasted over an open firepork. Roast duck or chicken with slightly crispy honey sauce layer, is also in this dish. Pork with crisp cracking or Fragrant Queen’s chicken is common dishes to enjoy.

Dim Sum

It is the best known Cantonese dish served at breakfast and lunch. Steamed shrimp dumplings, pork dumplings, barbecued pork buns, and Hong Kong egg tarts are common dishes.


Noodles are the most common eating items served in lunch and dinner. They are made from minced prawn and sometimes contain small amounts of pork.

Rice Pastry

It is also a popular dish from southern China that is served in soup with beef and fish balls and sometimes with deep-fried crispy fish skins.


Almost every restaurant has been serving Congee that is usually eaten with Savory Chinese Doughnuts and steamed rice pastry that has a meat or vegetable filling. It is a thin porridge made with rice boiled in water. It is served at breakfast, lunch and supper.

Tong Sui

Another Cantonese desert, tong Sui is a sweet soup made with black sesame paste, walnuts, sago that are usually sticky in texture.