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Food in Bangkok

Bangkok is equally famous for amazing sights, magnificent temples, rejuvenating spas, shopping sprees, and the most amazing and authentic food. Food in Bangkok has secured a prominent position when it comes to travel over the past few years. People all over the world visit Bangkok for the fabulous, delicious food it has to offer. Besides the food in fancy restaurants, street food of Bangkok has its own charm and craze. If one asks form the regular travelers, they will always suggest to experience local cuisine, specifically called the street food.

The best and authentic taste of Thai food is on the streets of Bangkok as it can be impossible for a travel to taste the home made Thai food. The street food is Bangkok has the same feel and taste that the local Thai family can cook and serve. The best part is that these people do not tease the authenticity of food and the ingredients that goes in the authentic preparation of Thai food. They don’t cheat believing that the travelers are new to the taste.

Eating street food in Bangkok is a different experience all together in the amazing Bangkok city. Talking about the rich culinary tradition of Bangkok, the street food takes a noteworthy seat. Reason, it is cooked on the spot, and makes the traveler interact with the locals and witnessing how the food is prepared. Here are some in budget, aromatic and surprisingly delicious and good to eat Thai Street Food.

Fried Quail Eggs

Fried Quail Eggs are Bangkok’s street food staple and are locally known as Khanom Krok Khai Nok Krata. This is the easiest choice to go for hot and fast street food. The eggs have a lot of flavor and attract locals a lot. They look very bright and good to eat. The specialty lies in the fact that they are cooked in oil slicked khanom krok pan. The eggs cooked are soft, and are seasoned with special Thai seasoning containing pepper powder and sauce. Chinatown is the best place to enjoy these fried quail eggs.

Crispy Pancakes

These delicious pan cakes have a history that goes about 600 years back. Its preparation has many details, and it is a traditional street food on the sweeter side. The ingredients that go in the making are rice flour and eggs. It is believed that the super cooks who have made Khanom Buang are the elder ones; their ancient recipes have moved on from generation to generation. There are various places where this yummy sweet street food is available, costing less than a dollar.

Thai Fresh Spring Rolls with Herbs

These are the best and healthy street food found on the vibrant streets of Bangkok. They are also known as Kway Teow Lui Suan. It is not traditional, but is popular. This is an invention of the Thais who use wide rice noodles flavored with herbs. In the fillings, one can have shrimp, sausages, or tofu and mushrooms. Sweet green chili sauce makes them a perfect combination. Chatuchak Market is one of the places where this dish can be found and relished.

Hoy Tod

Hoy Tod is actually Oyster Omelets. It is just once you have these street oyster omelet, and it is surety that you will come back to give it another shot. These are crispy, greasy and briny. The dish is packed with juicy, plump oysters, served with fresh bean sprout on the batter of eggs. Sukhumvit road is the best pale to enjoy them, costing around two dollars.

Kanom Krok

This one is also a dish level ahead. It is traditional Thai sweet rice cake with coconut cream and rice flour being the prime ingredients. The delightful amalgamation of flavors makes it a special and most preferred. This sweet dish is called the desert of love as it has a tragic love story that the vendor can narrate while serving it. It can be enjoyed steaming hot just off the pan. One can enjoy a dozen of them at the Cicada Market in less than a dollar.