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Dubai Festivals

Dubai is a home to people from different parts of the world living here. They have their business establishments or good positions in different industries. They have their residences here and at the same time they are celebrating their festivals and rituals in traditional way.

This is the main reason; you can see the beautiful city-state where people are spending time in celebrating different festivals. The beautiful city-state has its own cultural ideology that is firmly embedded in the Islamic Civilization. Here, Islam is something more than just a religion as it is a way of governing the smallest of everyday events from marriages to what to eat and drink.

Ramadan – It is the sacred 9th month of Islamic Calendar – when Muslims celebrate the revelation of the Holy Koran. They observe fast from dawn till dusk and abstain from food, drink, smoking and sexual affairs.

Eid-Ul-Fitr – the most awaited festival of the year, Eid-Ul-Fitr is the day of breaking the fast after completing Ramadan Month. It continues for three days and start with prayers in morning. People visit each others’ houses, present gift, wear new cloth, enjoy tasty delicious milk-made food and sweets with dry-fruits.

Eid-Al-Adha – It is called as the Feast of Sacrifice and celebrated on the 10th Day of Dhu-Ak-Hiijah. People involved in sacrificing ceremonies of Camel, Goat, Ram and other animals as per their region and trust.

Dubai Shopping Festival – Best Time for Shopping Enthusiasts

Dubai Shopping Festival is the biggest shopping event in the Middle-East – that was first organized in the year of 1996. You will see all the shops disclosing sale. It starts in the month of January and end in February. It is not just limited to shopping, but a complete family entertainer holding grand events having live concerts and performances performed by international celebrities. Not to mention Dubai Summer Surprises – trying to pull in punters for the duration of summer low season. You can buy textiles, electronics and gold at very reasonable prices. Electronic items are cheaper here and you can choose a grand selection from top brands. Discounts and sales are also available all round the year.

Other Festivals Celebrated in Dubai

There are also other modern festivals celebrated largely by locals and those who are from other counties and living here. These festivals include:

  • Dubai Marathon in the months of January-February
  • Dubai Desert Classic in the Month of February-March
  • Dubai International Jazz Festival in the month of February-March
  • Dubai Tennis Championship
  • Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
  • Art Dubai and Dubai World Cup
  • There are various other festivals that are celebrated locally or by people from different countries.