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Boating in Bali

There are several smaller islands which are easily accessible from Bali and Lombok, which makes it a wonderful base for exploration. The main peak sailing season for various traditional boats in Indonesia ranges between May and September. Though most of the highly reputed and established boats get booked up in advance, sometimes even a year in advance but the number of new charter and sail companies are continuously sprouting up.

Usually the trips which most of the tourist pick are the short ones which take around more or less 5 days. Often, they focus on the Komodo islands while if you opt for the longer trips, then they take you to explore the Banda Sea. There are many resorts and hotels in Bali which offer their own boat and sailing facilities.

The Royal Bali Yacht Club is one of the most recognised and loved club on Serangan Island in Bali. It can be considered as a reclaimed bit of scrubland on the road to Sanur. In front of the Mecure hotel on the beach in Sanur, they also offer a small boating facility to their guests. They ask for a reasonable visitor membership fee.

They are known to house various boats for hire and even provide boating lessons, that at pretty affordable rates. In short, if you wish to sail or take your family including kids out for a fun day, then this option is worth trying. It is fun, safe as well as low - key. Some of the larger hotels in Sanur and Nusa Dua areas, have their own dinghies, lasers and catamarans for you to use.

Even if you are staying in a hotel which does not have any such facility, they you can easily find several such places along the beach where you can get to hire and use them. However, you must know that if you go on the western coast of Bukit peninsula and are thinking of trying boating, then you must drop the idea because here you will find neither sailing nor any boats for hire as there are not many safe places to land them.

There are several luxury cruises available in Bali too. These are traditional Phinisi styled boats which offer educational adventures to their guests taking you to a beautiful journey which otherwise, without boat, would have been considered inaccessible spots in the whole archipelago. So, if you have saved some money, then consider this as your cheat day and take this trip.

Next comes the Pirate ships. Placed somewhere in between the high-end charter boats and the mass market day trips, come the journey which is commonly known as the Bulan Purnama or the Pirate Ship. They offer both the charters as well as individual cabins and offer it for hire in the region too with diving facility and an on - board staff included in the hire price. This is a traditional Phinisi wooden boat which runs dive and surf charters through the eastern island.