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Planning a trip to the heaven of luxury, relaxation and the most cosmopolitan life is certainly a dream that everyone wants to make it come true. Singapore is without any doubt a heaven for tourists who want luxury at its best and dreaming to enjoy the ultra modern lifestyle. Before packing your bags, it is better to know about the best time to visit Singapore or what can be the cheapest time to visit Singapore. Here, we share some details about the high season to low season.

November to January and June and July

The fact is that Singapore doesn’t have any high or low season. It depends on the holidays in different nations, holiday festivals and usual business traffic. During the months of November to January and from June to July, accommodation cost is higher and negotiating any kind of discount is useless. Winter witnesses a bit more rain due to north-east monsoons. June and July are the months of luring crowd again for Great Singapore Sale. It is the time, when hotels and resorts, even lodges goes full. It is the time when sky fills with fires due to festivals.

November to January

From November to January are the wettest months, when showers can last for long periods of time, while the hottest months are May and June.

From January to May

From January to May is also counted as the blend of high and low season. April is the month witnesses no public holidays. In this way, you can find hotels a bit cheap in prices. However, you can expect high heat and humidity year round. s

February to April

Months from February to April are between summers and winters that are quite pleasant. Plenty of outdoor activities become available then.

July to September

Singapore goes full all round the year. However, festive season is a great time to witness the grandeur of the city-state that starts from July with Great Singapore Sale and Singapore Food Festival.

Cheapest time to visit Singapore can be May and June where weather conditions are humid and hot. April Month can also be the cheapest time to visit Singapore

Best time to visit Singapore cruise is from November to January and from July to September. For those who are looking for the right answer for their query “ Is June a good time to visit Singapore”, it is no – in terms of weather condition; but economical option for those who have limited budget with high dreams to explore Singapore.

Smart Holiday Shop guides you about weather conditions and the best time to visit Singapore.