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Bangkok is the city of contrasts; it is a perfect package of cultural attractions that pull tourists from all over the world. Over the past few years, Bangkok has witnessed unprecedented growth in tourists. The reason for higher tourist inflow is the vibrant culture that the city possesses. Then, the locals here are very welcoming and friendly, making travelers comfortable and happy.

Due to their unparallel hospitality, Bangkok is considered one of the best cities in the world to enjoy the holidays. The beauty of the contrasts lies in the fact that on one hand travelers can visit the temples and historical places, and on the other hand there are top-notch relaxing spas to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

There are lounges and clubs to experience the fun nightlife of Bangkok. It is the city that never sleeps; so make sure your itinerary includes activities for both day as well as night! Plus, the city is full of sounds, lights, and good food. When it comes to food, one can say that food is the most significant aspect of any travel destination. It’s the cuisine that best explains the destination. Talking about Bangkok and food, it shall be noted that its street food is delicious and famous. Being a tourist destination, here are some of the best tourist attractions in Bangkok.

Top Bangkok Tourist Attractions

Grand Palace

bangkok tour packagesGrand Palace is a major historical tourist attraction in Bangkok. It is a royal compound with magnificent structures. Moreover, it is also Wat Phra Kaeo’s house with the Jade Buddha as the special possession. The grand palace was built in the year 1782 and is believed to be the royal residence for the past many generations. If you are planning to visit the grand place, do consider wearing modest and decent attires. Arms and legs shall be decently covered. Visitors shall also note that it might take a half-day sightseeing tour, and for complete knowledge, a tour guide is recommended.

Wat Arun

bangkok pattaya tour packagesWat Arun is a victorious complex that dates back to ages; the time of battle between former Burma and Siam. It is believed that when Ayutthaya fell to the Burmese, he was reduced to ashes. However, the remaining soldiers were convicted to march until the sun rose. With this move, the temple of Dawn, Wat Arun was built. Later, the new king built the royal palace with a private chapel over the place. So, the best thing to do here is to reach the time of sunset, which is the best view not to be missed.

Chatuchak Market

bangkok packagesThis market is the thriving weekend shopping market and is the world’s largest. The lists of things or commodities that are sold in the market are paper lamps, street food, jewelry, pet supplies, religious icons, decorative, and much more. Moreover, the market is home to more than 15,000 stalls that offer anything you name it, that too at most reasonable prices.

Wat Pho

bangkok honeymoon packageWat Pho is located to the south of Grand Palace premises. If you are visiting the grand palace, don’t miss Wat Pho. Wat Pho is a temple built by King Rama I. it is the oldest temple in Bangkok. Since ages, it is considered as the place of healing at a time, there was a pharmacy. This pharmacy was Thailand’s first university. The massage or spa prices are on a higher-end here, but the services are best. As of now, Wat Pho is famous for the Temple of Reclining Buddha with an amazingly huge statue of Buddha. This statue is worth visiting and praising.

Floating Market

bangkok holiday packageFloating Market of Bangkok is considered as the best shopping experience by the locals and travelers. There is a tour of Damneon Saduk, which is actually the floating market. The market is located in Ratchaburi. The market has earned the tagline of “Venice of the East”. In this market, people meet locals, buy fresh and genuine food, and enjoy the time. There are floating market cruises that can be booked from Bangkok. It might take six hours for the entire experience as the market is 1.5 hrs away from Bangkok.

The Giant Wheel

bangkok travelOne of the most eye-catching views or sight of Bangkok is the Giant Wheel. The wheel is situated at the front of Wat Suthat. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century and was part of traditional Hindu ceremonies. Over a period of time, the wheel was damaged due to lightning, and thereafter used as a decorative. Before the damage, it was used as a part of the rice harvest in December. However, the king then banned the use due to fatal accidents while climbing on the narrow band of the wheel.

So, besides these attractions in Bangkok, don’t forget to take back home the memories in the name of shopping Buddhist amulets, Thai Souvenirs, reasonable silk, fashionable attires, and so on.