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About Malaysia

Located in the Southeast Asia, Malaysia is occupying the parts of Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. The beautiful country with lush greenery and tranquility all around, is famous for its beaches, rainforest and a mix of Malay, Chinese, European and Indian cultural influences. This prominent South Asian beauty with mesmeric attractions offers the most amazing holidaying opportunities to travelers who are looking for a great vacation in South-east Asia.

Presenting a Blend of Contemporary World and Culturally Rich Heritage

Malaysia is a blend of contemporary world and a developing nation where tourism industry is flourishing with better options. There are various wonderful tourist places and main attractions where high-tech infrastructure and wonders are working well and more or less on schedule to keep one busy for more days. Kuala Lumpur is the beautiful and cosmopolitan city that is also the capital city of nation – home to colonial buildings, busy shopping districts (Bukit Bintang), skyscrapers and greenery all round. 451 meter tall Petronas Twin Tower is the pride of skyscrapers in Malaysia representing the nation at global level.

What Draws Attention of Tourists towards Malaysia Tourism

Malaysia is diverse as its culture with 11 states and 2 federal territories that include Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya from Peninsular Malaysia that is separated by the South China Sea from East Malaysia that include 2 states of Sabah and Sarawak on the Island of Borneo and a third federal territory along with the Island of Labuan. Rugged mountains that are reaching dramatically for the sky and at the same time as rainforest-clad slopes sweep down to floodplains teeming with forest life. Not to mention cool highland hideaways that roll down to warm, sandy beaches and rich humid mangroves is sure to provide you a breathtaking view and reasons to book Malaysia honeymoon packages or any kind of other holiday’s tours.

There are various famous beaches and rainforest at Kota Kinabalu. Don’t miss to explore the museums and enjoy the great sea food along with getting to know the rich history of Malaysia with a visit to Malacca City. In addition to this, thrilling escapades at the Redang Island will surprise you with something exciting and adventurous.

You will find yourself busy in various activities like cliff jumping, shark diving, volcano trekking, cave diving and mountaineering.

Some of the famous attractions and things to do that will keep you busy during your holidays in Malaysia include:

Cameron Highlands – It is globally known for its amazing tea plantations and greenery

Fraser's Hill – the beautiful hill area warp to the colonial era to provide you a breathtaking vew

Kinabalu National Park — the beautiful park is a home of Mount Kinabalu – counted as the tallest mountain in South East Asia

Langkawi – This area is an archipelago of 99 islands. It is best known for its beaches, rainforest, mountains, mangrove estuaries and unique nature. It's also a duty-free island

Penang (Pulau Pinang) —Called as the Pearl of the Orient, Penang is a bustling island with excellent cuisine. It has retained more colonial heritage than anywhere else in the country

Perhentian Islands (Pulau Perhentian), Redang (Pulau Redang), Taman Negara National Park and Tioman (Pulau Tioman, etc are also some of the wonderful destinations to keep you surprised and persuade you to plan a holiday tour again.

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