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About Bangkok

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is the most happening and vibrant place. It is also the most preferred among the tourists for honeymoons and vacationing with friends and families. Its street life is as vibrant as its tourist attractions. Bangkok is truly a city of contrast; a perfect amalgamation of culture and leisure spas. It is one of the most sought after destinations of the world attracting a lot of travellers every year. The destination is also renowned for cultural and historical significances.

The Best Places to Visit

Bangkok has a multitude of destinations to be explored along with the temples and rejuvenating with the mind blowing spa services. Some of the prominent tourist attractions are:

Wat Arun

Wat Arun is a historical complex built long ago. It is also known as the Temple of Dawn. The royal palace was built by the next king with a private chapel as well. It is advised to visit this place and experience it grandeur at the time of sunset. It is the best view at this point of time.

Floating Market

If you have been to Bangkok, and have not visited the Floating Market, the vacation is incomplete. It is one of the best experiences in the Bangkok. To be précised, the floating market is the tour Damneon Saduk, located in Ratchaburi. This market is also known as “Venice of the East”. The market is the best place to meet and interact with the locals and purchase fresh food. One needs an entire day to visit the Floating Market.

Wat Pho

This place is located to the south of famous Grand Palace premises. The visit to grand palace is incomplete without Wat Pho. It is a temple built by King Rama I, and is considered to be the oldest in the Bangkok. At a time, there was a pharmacy at this place, and so it is also believed to be the place of healing. Amazingly, this pharmacy was the first ever university in Thailand. The services like spa are expensive here but worth it. Presently, the place is famous as the temple of reclining Buddha that has a huge Buddha Statue.

The Giant Wheel

The Giant Wheel is the most eye-catching view of Bangkok. Built in the beginning of 18th century, the wheel was a part of traditional Hindu rituals and ceremonies. The wheel, with the passage of time, got damaged due to lighting. Now, it is used as a decorative. It also believed that these ceremonies were stopped by the king due to some fatal accidents while performing the rituals.

Bangrak Café

This is probably one of the best places to eat in Bangkok. This place shall definitely not be missed. Bangrak café is known for its lip smacking Thai Food. The cosy environment makes everyone comfortable and laid back in the café. Its dishes here can be compared to any high end restaurant dish.

The Patpong Night Market

The main charm of any city lies in the street, flea or night market. The fun here can’t be experienced in any mall or high end boutique or restaurant. The market offers almost everything at reasonable prices. The only thing one requires are the bargaining skills.

Besides, these were some of the attractions in the main city. There are some nearby places and get away as well that are worth visiting. These places are equally enchanting like Coral Island, Hua Hin, Samut Vineyards, Koh Si, etc. Coral Island is the most visited place for the fun and thrilling water sports activities.

Best Time to visit Bangkok.

The most appropriate time to visit the place is the winter season. The winter season her remains from Mid-November to Mid- December. The weather is pleasant. Also, the prices for accommodation are low at this pint of time. On the other hand, the peak season is from January to March.

So, the places here are full of vibrant hues. There is a lot to see, lot to shop, and much more to experience in Bangkok. The night life here is equally fun loving and a must to experience.